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My name was included in the list of
Famous Filipino Artists Website

``..Those Famous Filipino Painters have excellent work of arts that really made them famous. Their famous works will be researched and will be posted here for your reading and viewing.`` see more..

Amangpintor @ USM kabacan, Cotabato with 1000 students

Bayan ni bayani, bayani ng bayan (11/29/2010) - Sa panahon ngayon, malaki ang population, komputerisasyon at alam nating super high tech, pero hanggang ngayon iilan lang ang mga bayaning alam natin dahil sa libro at manunulat at ilan lang ang alam nating mga tunay na bayani na nasaksihan ng ating . . . Click to read more

Pagsapo sa mga Luha ng Kandila (11/27/2010) - Ako`y simbolo ng malinis, dalisay at makasining na pagkatao Apoy ko`y buhay ng makasining na tumatanglaw sa landas ng kamakasining at tatanglaw sa daan ng kalikasan. Sa bawat patak ng luha ng aking buhay, may makasining na taos-pusong handang . . . Click to read more

Pag-ibig Muling Mabubuhay (Makukulnay) (9/21/2009) - I Ang espiritu ng pagibig, Nakikipag-ugnayan mula sa nakaraan hanggang sa kasalukuyan Pinagtagpo ng dakilang panahon Ako`y para sa iyo, ika`y para sa akin II Ang ating tunay na pag-ibig, Pagmamahalang sinubok ng panahon Batid . . . Click to read more

Amangpintor "Lito" is always depicting the life of Pantabangan from the 70s (time where the town of Pantabangan was submerged by the water) to the present with the style of creating image of Minggan on every painting that he made.

Pantabangan has sacrificed its land as it was drowned and made into a dam for the benefit of other towns by providing ample water supply for their crops. His ritual in painting is using his own hair as one of his medium on the canvas with his blood signature at the right side of the paintings.

Art with a Heart: World Vision holds art auction for children
(by World Vision Philippines 5/2/2016)

Elito Circa, better known as "AmangPintor" breathes life into art by using his own blood as medium. The folk painter believes that painting his blood on canvass creates pieces that symbolize life, love, and sacrifice. One of his most notable pieces -- a personal favorite, is a blood painting of his idol, world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. Most of his masterpieces also depict rural life in his hometown, Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija. Now, this painting -- along with other artworks from ...Click to read more

Regional Training Centers to Automate Own Management Information System

ROXAS BOULEVARD, Manila -- Going for full automation!

With the Agricultural Training Institute-Central Office's (ATI-CO) Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) has been launched, the focus now turns to its network of training centers in the regions to be computerized.

The ATI-CO, with its Knowledge Products Management Division and Administrative and Finance Division conducted the Training on the Use of Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) and the Local Area Ne ...Click to read more

The Last Polio Victim
(by Elika M. Circa 6/22/2016)

The Last Polio Victim, 3x4 ft Acrylic on Canvas 2016

"Like many other infectious diseases, polio victims tend to be some of the most vulnerable members of the population" (Crosta 2015). "This includes the very young, pregnant women, and those with immune systems that are substantially weakened by other medical conditions" (ibid.). Polio is a viral infection that can lead to muscle weakness and paralysis, breathing problems and even death (ibid.). With this, for some reasons, we may know why skin is first layer of defense. Viruses f ...Click to read more

Ang Sining ay pinaka mataas na antas ng pakikipag-ugnayan

Ano ang sining ? Sa mundo na ating ginagalawan, maraming pagpapaliwanag tungkol sa sining, kani-kaniya, sari-sarili at pagpapalitang kuro-kuro sa pagkaunawa at nadarama tungkol dito. Kadalasan ang mga nagpapaliwanag nito ay yaong nakadadama na at nakaranas na ng damdaming makasining. Sining - pagpapahagay ng damdamin sa pamamagitan ng isip, paggawa at higit sa lahat ng puso. Noong nilikha ang sanlibutan, ang sining ay kaakibat na dahil ginawa ito ng masining na pamamaraan. Sa taglay nitong kag ...Click to read more

Folk Arts

Folk art describes a wide range of objects that reflect the craft traditions and traditional social values of various social groups. Folk art is generally produced by people who have little or no academic artistic training, nor a desire to emulate "fine art", and use established techniques and styles of a particular region or culture. Along with painting, sculpture, and other decorative art forms, some also consider utilitarian objects such as tools and costume as folk art.[1]

Ant ...Click to read more

San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
my email: amangpintor@yahoo.com
webiste: http://www.acpfi.org
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